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Meet Susy Avila

Susy was born in Los Angeles and Moved to Las Vegas in 2019 to pursue her career in business administration.


She has a passion for animals and helping others, she hopes to one day open a charity to focus on Animal rehabilitation and for low income families in need around the world.


Growing up her mother owned a family business where she assisted customers at a very young age providing her with the customer service skills she has to this day. She previously worked as a homeowner claims adjuster and became very skilled in investigating and solving matters.


In her spare time she enjoys attending music events, spending time with her family as well as cooking and planning for the future. Her dog Anubis, who is an American staffordshire, keeps her very busy at home as he is a rehabilitated dog that requires a little extra loving and attention.

Susy Avila

Administrative Assistant

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Image by Lou Batier


*Free consults for Estate Planning, Probate, Appeals, and Business Law matters. Other matters outside this scope may be subject to a $15 fee.

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