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Why Do People Procrastinate On Their Estate Plan?

Updated: 2 days ago

Today I want to discuss why people procrastinate on getting their estate plans, and I think everybody probably knows the answer to this: People always tend to think that they have more time when it comes to estate planning.

Generally, an estate plan is for when you're incapacitated and you can no longer make your own decisions, and for when you pass away. Most people:

1. Don't want to think about those things happening or their own mortality.

2. Always think they can push it off for another time; there's no sense of urgency unless they know that they have a medical condition that's irreversible and terminal potentially.

So I'm just here to remind you that now is the best time, and you should always be thinking about your estate plan, especially if you care about the people you're leaving behind. If you want to make sure they're okay and they're taken care of, then you really need to get your estate plan in order.

If you want to talk about estate planning or probate - maybe a loved one has passed away and unfortunately, they didn't have an estate plan and you may have to go to probate court - Either way, if you have anything you want to talk about with respect to those two things, then please feel free to give my office a call at (702)850-7798, or book a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation online.

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