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What is Probate?

Updated: Apr 15

What is Probate? Probate is the court process of transferring a descendant assets to their heirs, such as changing the name on the title of a house.

When someone passes away, if they don’t have an Estate Plan (an order delegating who would to take possession of the decedent’s estate), a Probate case will need to be opened, and a judge will have to order their assets to go to the heirs. Many people want to avoid court at all costs.

If you don’t have an Estate Plan, you can also incur much of the following:

  1. Family Fights

  2. Confusion on who should inherit

  3. Unnecessary Taxes

  4. Huge Legal Bills

For these reasons, it is best to be planning and preparing ahead of time by seeing an Estate Planning Attorney so that you can get your Estate Plan in order and completely avoid the Probate process.Style 751M – Gymshort met compressie voor heren met dierenprint voor heren Made in America – Bodybuilding en bodybuilding voor lichaamsbouw primobolan depot cyclus bodybuildingkleding tanktops en trainingskleding door repps.

For more information on Probate, or to schedule a complimentary phone consult, please click here. You can also set up your free consult by giving our office a call at 702-850-7798.

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