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What are the requirements to keep chickens in Clark County?

My neighbors recently built a chicken coop in their back yard. They also have two goats, a few rabbits and bunnies, and they are planning on getting a pig. Their home sits on an acre of land which includes a barn and a play area with raised boards for their goats. This made me wonder about the requirements for keeping chickens in unincorporated Clark County.

First, the Clark County Nevada Code of Ordinances – specifically 10.36.030 Poultry and Birds –  states in part “It is UNLAWFUL for any person to keep or cause to be kept on premises over which any such person may have control within the county (a) any poultry or birds that are not at all times confined within a suitable outbuilding, coop, or enclosed runway…” My neighbor’s birds are in a coop, so they are fine so far.

The next step was to go to Clark County Nevada Title 30 Unified Development Code – Section 30.36.010 – to learn about the various Residential Districts. I determined that I live in an RE district which is defined as a rural estate residential district. I then went to Title 30 Unified Development Code Section 30.44, Table 30-44-1, agricultural livestock small. In this Table under “conditional use in RU and RE section (2) states “RE – max of 20 animals…. max shall not include more than 3 roosters over 3 months old.”  My neighbors only have one adult rooster.

In sum, the requirements for keeping chickens are:

  1. They must be enclosed in a coop.

  2. A max of 20 chickens.

  3. No more than 3 roosters.

If you enjoy fresh eggs of different sizes and colors, as well as a rooster crowing every morning, the path is clear. You can own chickens in Clark County!

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