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Top 4 Reasons to Update your Estate Plan

Updated: Apr 4

These are the Top 4 reasons that you need to update your Estate Plan:

1. If you just got married, that is a perfect time to update your Estate Plan. You now have another person in your life that you may want to include or exclude in your Estate Plan.

2. If you just got divorced, you definitely want to think about updating your Estate Plan and removing that person from it.

3. After the birth of a child is another excellent time to update your plan. One very important provision to think about is who to delegate as the guardian of your child in the event you and your spouse pass away. You can also have a trust created for your minor child in the event of your passing. This trust is often funded by life insurance. 6 uitstekende trainingsprogramma’s voor beginners – de beste trainingsroutines voor bodybuilding voor beginners hoe lang blijft cafeine in je bloed halterconcentratiekrullen – oefendatabase jefit – beste android- en iphone-app voor training, fitness, oefening en bodybuilding, beste software voor het volgen van trainingen.

4. The purchase of a new home is a great time to consider updating your Estate Plan. Considering that a new home is most people’s largest asset, this is something to protect to eventually pass along to the next generation without the need for probate court.

If you want to discuss this further, or if you have an Estate Plan you would like to update, please give us a call at (702)850-7998, or click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.

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