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The Top Reason People Have Estate Plans

Updated: Mar 28

What is the Top Reason people have Estate Plans?

The Top Reason you should get an Estate Plan is for your family. It’s already a very difficult time for your family if you were to pass away. Creating an Estate Plan makes it so that your family is certain to know what your wishes are, enabling them to carry out those wishes.

It also eliminates a lot of fighting that can potentially occur within the family if you have an Estate Plan in place, because then everybody knows what your wishes are for the distribution of your assets, and they are required to comply. If there is no Estate Plan, many times families will fight over the assets that are left behind, and what you would have wanted to have happen with your assets may not take place.

That is the top reason people create Estate Plans – because people love their family.

If you want to talk about Estate Planning or Probate, you can book directly online, or you can call us at (702)850-7798.

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