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The Advantages of Nevada State Trademarks

There are many obvious advantages to registering a trademark at the Federal Level with the U.S. Patent and trademark office. A fully registered federal trademark provides protection throughout the United States for the mark and allows for recourse to the Federal Courts to enforce and protect that trademark.

States also provide protections for trademarks. Nevada’s trademark laws are codified at NRS 600. While Federal Registration is properly viewed as the gold standard, there are certain advantages to registering a trademark at the state level.

State trademarks can be acquired much faster. While it routinely takes a year or more to complete the full Federal Registration process, a trademark can normally be registered in the state of Nevada within one to two weeks. Registration in Nevada is also far more affordable than Federal Registration. Finally, marks registered in the state can often be enforced and protected in the state courts which often move somewhat faster than going through the Federal Courts to enforce a Federal Mark.

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