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Is “Do Not Resuscitate” Part of an Estate Plan?

Updated: Jun 13

Is “Do Not Resuscitate” part of an Estate Plan?

The simple answer is yes, it is part of the incapacity planning documents in an Estate Plan. A “Do Not Resuscitate” Order is part of what’s called a “Healthcare Power of Attorney” or “Healthcare Directive”. It is also otherwise known as “DNR – Do Not Resuscitate.”

Basically what you do in this document is you designate someone to be your healthcare Power of Attorney in the event that you cannot make your own healthcare decisions specifically. Meaning if you’re on life support, you designate someone to be your agent. You would also give this person guidance within this document as to what you want to happen. Putting it bluntly, you are also going to tell the designated person whether you want the “plug pulled” or not, so “pulling the plug” is part of an Estate Plan as well.

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