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Does life insurance go through probate in Nevada?

Updated: Jun 17

In this blog post, we are diving into an essential topic that often comes up in discussions about estate planning—do life insurance policies go through probate? 

What is Probate? 

Before getting into specifics about life insurance coverage, let's define probate.

When a person dies without a will, state laws govern the distribution of their assets through the legal process of probate. This process ensures that all debts are fulfilled and lawful heirs receive their rightful inheritance.

Life Insurance Policies and Probate

So, do life insurance policies go through probate? The short answer is generally not. Life insurance contracts typically include named beneficiaries, which means that when the policyholder dies, the death benefit is paid directly to the beneficiaries.

This agreement eliminates the need for the time-consuming and expensive probate process for life insurance proceeds.

Caveats to Consider

However, there are always caveats. One notable exception comes when the intended beneficiary dies before the policyholder.

In this tragic case, unless another beneficiary is selected, the life insurance proceeds become part of the deceased's estate. As a result, the money must pass through probate to reach its intended beneficiaries.

Why Estate Planning Matters

The potential for complications underscores the importance of thorough estate planning. Keeping your beneficiaries informed about all life insurance policies and regularly reviewing your estate plan will help you avoid unnecessary probate processes.


In short, life insurance plans typically bypass probate because they have designated beneficiaries. However, probate may be necessary under certain circumstances, such as when a beneficiary has passed away.

This highlights the importance of thorough estate planning to safeguard your assets and guarantee their distribution according to your wishes.

If you have more questions about estate planning or probate, don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Ocampo for expert guidance. 

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