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Do I Have to Pay my Deceased Relative’s Debts?

Updated: 2 days ago

One question we receive often is:

"Do I have to pay for my deceased relatives debts?"

The most common answer is no, you don't. While in most instances you are not liable, there are, of course, certain instances where you might become liable for their debt.

"But what if I am the Heir to their Estate?"

If someone passes away and had money they owed, you are more than likely not going be liable for those debts, even if you are the heir and you're the one ultimately entitled to their assets. However, you have to follow the legal procedures in order to not be responsible, meaning most of the time you're going to have to go through Probate court.

There's also a credit or notice period that has to happen. You have to let that period go through and expire or lapse with no creditors appearing, et cetera, before you are free and clear and don't have to worry about any the deceased person's debts.

As in everything, there's always caveats, but in general, the people that that are left behind when someone dies are not responsible for the debts of the person who passed away.

If you live in Nevada and want talk more about this or how to avoid Probate court in general, then please feel free to give our office a call for a complimentary phone consultation. You can book directly online or you can call my office at (702)850-7798 to schedule.

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