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Business Litigation Success Story

Brian often serves as outside general counsel for business owners. Recently, one of his clients in Nevada was served with a lawsuit that was filed in Florida by a Florida Corporation. Upon review of the contract at issue, Brian determined that Florida was the correct venue. Therefore, he needed the assistance of a Florida attorney.

That is when Brian applied some interpersonal diplomacy. He started by locating the web site for the Florida court system. He then searched for other lawsuits filed by the same plaintiff, and identified a number of cases where the defendant fought back and won the case.

Brian then cross referenced the attorneys that represented the clients who fought back, and he started making phone calls. Brian located an attorney who represented a client on the exact same issue faced by his client. After an hour on the phone, Brian was comfortable that this attorney could protect his client.

“I was recently served with a lawsuit from out of state. Due to not knowing any attorneys in that state, It was in a difficult situation. Fortunately, Brian was able to form a plan to protect me from the litigation. I didn’t end up paying them a penny. Thanks Brian!” — R.C.

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