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7 Steps to Take if You Are in an Accident

Being involved in an accident, whether a car accident or a slip and fall, can be a difficult experience. Here are the steps you should take in case you are in an accident.

  1. Seek medical treatment immediately if you are injured.

  2. Obtain contact info for witnesses.

  3. File a report/call the police. a. If you slip and fall, report it to the establishment immediately. b. If you are in an auto accident and there are injuries, call the police.

  4. Take pictures at the scene. a. Before the cars are moved or the substance you slipped on is cleaned, take pictures. b. For a car accident, these pictures should include a picture of the insurance card for the other driver(s). Also, don’t forget to include license plates in pictures of the cars.

  5. Stay off of social media. Do not talk about the accident or your injuries on social media as this can be used against you in a lawsuit.

  6. Report the claim to your insurance. a. You may need to eventually give a statement, but for now just get the claim open. b. The other driver’s insurance might cold call you to “take a statement.” They are only looking for one thing: a reason to deny your claim. Don’t talk to them until you consult an attorney.

  7. Contact an attorney.  We are here for you whenever you need us. From communication with insurance adjusters to gathering medical records, we are here to take away the stress of being in an accident so that you can focus on healing.

Feel free to print this blog out and keep it in your glove box. We hope you never need it, but we want you to be prepared.

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