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Meet Nicole Beard

Nicole was born on Chanute AFB, Illinois. Her father was in the military and therefore she moved around quite a lot as a young child. She has been in Vegas for 4 years after being fortunate enough to live in South Korea and the United Kingdom.  She completed her Associate of Science, Paralegal Studies with the American Military University in February 2021 and is almost done with her Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies. 


In her spare time, Nicole enjoys reading, travelling, fitness, and spending time with her kids and dogs. 


Prior to joining Ocampo Wiseman Law, she was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years. 

Nicole Beard


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Image by Lou Batier


*Free consults for Estate Planning, Probate, Appeals, and Business Law matters. Other matters outside this scope may be subject to a $15 fee.

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